Manufacturers of Quartz Infrared Electric Heating Elements

Quartz Infrared, Inc. is a manufacturer of medium wave quartz infrared electric heating elements, specializing in custom designs and small runs. They also provide replacements for industry standard designs, as well as regular production runs. QIR stands for Quality Integrity & Reliability.

Medium Wave Elements

Quartz Infrared, Inc. manufactures industry standard medium wave elements. These are non-sealed, coiled wire elements, typically with ceramic ends caps. They glow orange to orange red, and operate with an infrared output in the 2 to 4 micron range.

Quartz Infrared's elements are available from stock in 3/8 (10mm), 1/2 (12mm), 5/8 (16mm) and 1 inch (25mm) sizes, from a few inches to 6 or more feet in length. Both clear and translucent are available in most sizes. Watt densities up to 80 watts/in are standard, and more in special situations. Other size tubes available on special request. Standard configurations include lead wires, terminals, bus, studs and socket pins, most with high temperature ceramic end caps.

Do you have special terminal requirements? Quartz Infrared can accommodate you. If you don't see what you need from their stocked parts, it is no problem. Quartz Infrared can have custom cast or machined caps to your requirements. Wattages and voltages are application dependant and can be as high as thousands of watts, and nearly any voltage. And, yes, Quartz Infrared can make vertical elements!

Quartz Infrared, Inc.

Quartz Infrared is an OEM supplier for a number of companies, and have provided elements for the entire life of some well know products. They also provide less costly high quality replacement elements for hundreds of different products.

Have an unusual design? Quartz Infrared may be able to provide a more cost effective design. Are you getting your tubes from overseas? Quartz Infrared has not yet come across one that they cannot duplicate, and in some cases for 1/10 the price! Send Quartz Infrared a drawing, sketch, or sample and they'll be happy to quote it.

Quartz Infrared does not manufacture shortwave, pinch sealed, evacuated bulbs. These are commonly referred to as T3 or quartz halogen. They do find instances where their elements are cost effective replacements for them, however.


Quartz Infrared can supply wound coils for your special applications. Coils are supplied in long lengths, or cut to length or resistance. They can also prepare necessary tails when required. Standard gauges are 16 to 26 gauge in Kanthal D alloy. Other gauges and alloys are available on special request. They can also supply pre-oxidized coils for vertical applications.


Supporting parts are also available. Quartz Infrared can supply spring sockets, mounting clips, standoffs, hookup wire and other small parts. Quartz tubing and ceramics are also available.

Quartz Infrared, Inc.
Quartz Infrared, Inc.

Not sure if Quartz Infrared is right for your application? Give them a call and they will help you make the right choice. They can also assist you in picking the right infrared characteristics for your specific applications. Please note that there are thousands of possible applications for quartz infrared tubes, and numerous factors affecting each. There is a limit to what Quartz Infrared can help with, but they will try their best!

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