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Category: Force and Load Sensors
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RDP Electrosense offers a wide range of LVDT displacement transducer systems. The LVDT transducer is a very robust position sensor for use in industry and research. RDP LVDT transducer systems are available in a very wide range of packages, both LVDT measurement units (requiring external electronics) and units with built-in electronics. Where measurement is required without contact, the Sensagap position sensor may be appropriate. The RDP Electrosense Draw wire position sensors are appropriate for measurement applications where the alignment may be poor. They measure the amount of cable pulled out of the sensor housing. Intrinsically Safe Systems can be supplied for hazardous (explosion risk) areas, using Zener barriers.

Between them, the two RDP Electrosense tension/compression MCL load cell transducers cover ranges between ±50N and ±50kN. Both sensors use a capacitive technique to accurately measure the deflection of the sensing element. The sensing element is a ring which is the principle used by calibration standard transducers.

The RDP Electrosense range of electronics covers a wide range of transducers. Features such as trips, RS232 and re-transmission (voltage or current outputs) are available for all of the groups. The RDP Electrosense model MLP differential pressure transducer is a miniature low pressure differential sensor. Unlike most low range differential sensor units, the MLP is very small, very light and very resistant to the effects of shock, vibration and orientation.

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