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Category: Tube Fittings
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RLS LLC designed, engineered and developed the first press-to-connect fittings for the HVAC and refrigeration industries. After years of research and development, we introduced our fittings to the market in 2015. Over the years, we continued to expand our product line, regularly introducing new items and new sizes to meet customer needs.

Today, there are millions of RLS fittings installed worldwide, and the original, patented, proven RLS product line remains the only line of refrigerant press fittings in the world to be UL Listed to 700 psi.

RLS LLC is part of Marmon Holdings, Inc., a Berkshire Hathaway company. Marmon is a global industrial organization comprising 10 diverse business sectors and more than 125 autonomous manufacturing and service businesses. Revenues exceeded $8.1 billion in 2018.


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Faster and Easier
RLS Press Fittings let you make a permanent and reliable mechanical connection in just 10 seconds, without the need for brazing. That means significant time and cost savings. In fact, eliminating the brazing step means installation goes up to 60% faster!

Flame Free
RLS Press Fittings take the danger of an open flame out of the workplace, creating a safer work environment with no fire hazards. That means there's no need for hot work permits, fire spotters or fire-related safety equipment. No brazing also means no need to nitrogen purge, and no need to transport gas and other brazing equipment to the job site.

Proven Reliability
The RLS Press Fitting connection process results in a repeatable and reliable mechanical joint every time – as well as a perfectly clean joint inside and out. RLS fittings have a proven track record of reliability, with more than five years of field use and millions of fittings installed worldwide. RLS Press Fittings were specifically designed and engineered for use in high-pressure HVAC and refrigeration systems. They are fully registered and listed to UL207 for pressures up to 700 PSI.

Higher Productivity
Converting from brazing to flame-free RLS Press Fittings can result in significant time and cost savings and substantially higher productivity. Eliminating the brazing process means installations can be completed up to 60% faster. The reduced labor costs - combined with the elimination of brazing materials and equipment, fire spotters and hot work permits - results in far lower total installed costs when compared to brazing.

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