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RPWORLD has been engaging in high-mix, low-volume manufacturing service 2003. Over almost 20 years’ development, RPWORLD has been providing customized one-stop manufacturing solutions for nearly 20,000 projects from 40 countries around the globe, becoming one of the fastest and most comprehensive manufacturing suppliers around the world.

CNC Machining at RPWORLD meet the diverse needs of clients ranging from single part to low- to mid-volume production. Our CNC machines run 24/7, ensuring that your high precision, complex geometries parts delivered in as fast as 3 days. We have equipped with 3-axis, 4-axis, and 5-axis machines, drilling machines, lathe machines and EDM, which are designed for creating complex shapes with high precision. The cutting-edge machines offer tight tolerances DIN ISO 2768 medium (fine), and wide machining range from 1mm to 1600mm.

The Injection Molding process at RPWORLD produces on-demand injection molded parts in as fast as 7 days. We equip with the large injection molding machine which offers the maximum clamping force range with 480tons, and automatic arms ensuring the production 24/7. Plus, we are capable of designing, machining, modifying, and even reserving molds. That’s why you can enjoy the one-stop shop capabilities ranging from prototyping to end-use production.

The Urethane Casting Department process at RPWORLD is committed to rapid prototypes or low-volume parts in as fast as 7 days. We are capable of making complex-geometries parts with solid color, textures and transparency. In addition, overmolding and insert molding are also available here to meet your different applications.

RPWORLD Sheet Metal Fabrication service, including cutting, bending, and stamping, is designed for rapid prototyping and end-use production. You can expect sheet metal parts with secondary options such as finishing options and pre-assemblies. Furthermore, you can receive in-depth analysis for your part design within 24 hours to improve part manufacturability, and receive the precise parts in as fast as 7 days.

RPWORLD high-mix, low-volume manufacturing allows for the design flexibility that mass manufacturing cannot match. The quality assurance is paramount at RPWORLD, and it’s one of the core benefits for our customers. The combination of our stringent quality control throughout the manufacturing process and state-of-the-art inspection equipment best ensures original precision specifications for clients.

With 10,000 sq.m. manufacturing facility and the state-of-the-art machines, RPWORLD is infinite to helping clients bring new idea to market quickly and cost-effectively by world-class prototyping and manufacturing solutions.

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