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Category: Bags and Sacks
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R. S. Hughes Company, Inc.

R.S. Hughes Co. is different, and they think you'll like the way they do business.

R. S. Hughes Company, Inc.R.S. Hughes Co. has expertise in product availability and exceptional customer attention. They have what you need, in the quantity you need, and can get it to you when you require it. The purchasing and warehousing power of R.S. Hughes Co. ensures that they can stock what you need so you don't have to.

Founded in 1954, R.S. Hughes Co. is a North American distributor of industrial supplies. They have over 50 warehouse sites in the United States and Mexico, and maintain an extensive array of products produced by ISO 9002 Companies. They adapt to your business processes to ensure that you have what you need to operate.

R. S. Hughes Company, Inc.R.S. Hughes Co. values being responsive to their customers, tailoring their processes to meet your needs, and being there when you need them. They take pride in their level of personalized customer care, and know their customers can expect a distinct level of service and attention. They're proud to provide it. And they welcome the opportunity to work with you to provide the products and solutions to meet your business needs.

Save yourself a step in the production process!
Through Saunders, a Division of R.S. Hughes, they also provide:

  • die cutting
  • laminating
  • printing
  • slitting

for any of the 40,000+ products they sell, preparing materials to go directly to the manufacturing line.

R. S. Hughes Company, Inc.
R. S. Hughes Company, Inc.

Supplier Directory Categories

Abrasive Discs
(7,112 Products)
Boxes and Crates
(1,485 Products)
Abrasive Belts
(6,601 Products)
Cable Ties
(60 Products)
Epoxy Adhesives
(349 Products)
(207 Products)
Marking Materials
(227 Products)
(480 Products)
Wire Terminals
(960 Products)
Abrasive Pads
(575 Products)
Bags and Sacks
(3,447 Products)
Body Harnesses
(3,837 Products)
Burnishing Tools
(56 Products)
Cloth Tapes
(1,531 Products)
Coated Abrasives
(17,550 Products)
Contact Wheels
(94 Products)
Ear Protection
(293 Products)
(1,764 Products)
Face Shields
(87 Products)
Fall Arrest Systems
(6,717 Products)
(22 Products)
Foam Bonding Tapes
(125 Products)
Foam Tapes
(274 Products)
Foil Tapes
(701 Products)
Grinding Wheels
(2,495 Products)
Hand Drills
(49 Products)
Hot Melt Adhesives
(379 Products)
Industrial Adhesives
(2,813 Products)
Industrial Brushes
(1,043 Products)
Industrial Coatings
(2,239 Products)
Industrial Containers
(7,174 Products)
Industrial Floor Mats
(2,677 Products)
Industrial Greases
(248 Products)
Industrial Inks
(9 Products)
Industrial Paints
(935 Products)
Industrial Tapes
(11,158 Products)
Label Materials
(8,900 Products)
(63 Products)
Masking Tapes
(910 Products)
Nonwoven Abrasives
(11,139 Products)
Packaging Tapes
(867 Products)
Pipe and Duct Markers
(3,136 Products)
Protective Sleeving
(1,040 Products)
Safety Clothing
(25,240 Products)
Safety Gloves
(12,106 Products)
Shrink Tubing
(911 Products)
Thread Tapes
(14 Products)
Totes and Bins
(766 Products)
Welding Gloves
(495 Products)
Wipes and Wipers
(636 Products)
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