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Radiall was founded in 1952 as a family owned company making coaxial plugs for the television industry. Today, Radiall is an international and global manufacturer of interconnect components including RF coaxial connectors and cable assemblies, antennas, fiber optic and microwave components, and multipin connectors. Radiall serves the Aerospace, Automotive, Defense, Industrial, Medical, Space, and Telecommunication industries.

The innovating solutions integrator for today and for tomorrow

Radiall's expertise in interconnect technologies and its intimate market knowledge establish it as a key player in the industries it serves.

"Be the best and work for the best", Pierre GATTAZ, CEO

RadiallA worldwide engineering & manufacturing capability

With expertise centers and manufacturing locations in 3 continents and 12 industrial sites, Radiall offers its customers the proximity needed to provide the best quality, service and delivery performance.

Radiall's facilities feature state of the art equipment for the many technologies involved in the design, manufacturing and assembly of interconnect solutions. Manufacturing plants based in low cost countries give Radiall the opportunity to offer quality at competitive prices.

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