Rayotek Scientific’s expertise is engineering & manufacturing glass, sapphire, fused quartz, fused silica & exotic glasses.

Rayotek Scientific, Inc.Products:

  • Molded & slumped glass
  • Diffusers - visible light, laser, IR & UV
  • Sight windows - metal-to-glass & metal-to-sapphire seals
  • High pressure & high vacuum windows
  • Sapphire products - windows, tubes, rods, domes, etc.
  • Sapphire plasma & flash lamps
  • Fused quartz products
  • Fused silica products
  • Precision optics
  • Reflector blanks
  • Architectural & art glass

Rayotek Scientific, Inc.



  • Engineering
  • Prototyping
  • Manufacturing
  • Molding & Slumping
  • Cutting, Grinding, Polishing & Shaping
  • Brazing, Soldering & Sealing - glass/sapphire/quartz to metal
  • Strengthening – thermal & chemical

Rayotek Scientific, Inc.Company Description

Rayotek Scientific, Inc. is a San Diego based company, founded in 1992 by a group of physicists and engineers with extensive experience in the semiconductor and nuclear industries.

Rayotek’s mission is to provide its customers with a single-source facility for designing, engineering and manufacturing sapphire, glass, fused quartz and fused silica products.

The experts at Rayotek are dedicated to providing creative solutions for the scientific and commercial industries. Rayotek takes their customer’s need from conceptual, through engineering and design, to the final product.


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