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Category: Foam and Aeration Control Agents
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Reedy International Corporation

Reedy International Corporation is committed to the future of plastics by providing you with the most technically advanced additives in the industry.  Reedy’s additives can provide you with additional SAVINGS in your process such as:

  • Reduction in Raw Material Requirements
  • Lower Material Scrap & Rework
  • Lighter Parts
  • Faster Cycle Times
  • Reduction in Machine Energy Costs
  • Improved Extrusion Rates
  • Accelerated Curing Times
  • Lower VOC Emissions
  • Increased Part Stiffness

Reedy International’s chemical blowing agents (CBAs) are sophisticated endothermic additives that provide many processing advantages for extrusion, injection molding, compounding, and other processes.  Whether the customer is looking for the elimination of sink marks and warpage, reduction of scrap, faster cycle times, the creation of finer cell structures, improved physical properties, and much more, they have the product to meet those needs.

Reedy International Corporation
Reedy International Corporation

Reedy International provides their customers with personalized, long-term relationships.  Through their technical support, sales agents, outside consultants, technical seminars, presentations, and extensive library of technical papers, help and assistance are easily obtainable.

Reedy International’s product line utilizes high quality melt flow enhancers and impact modifiers and they allow the foam production processor to meet current and future global emission requirements while being environmentally responsible.

“Reedy’s additive, Safoam, has dramatically reduced our part weight.”  –  Major Extrusion Processor on East Coast

“Safoam has improved our cycle time by 18.5% and reduced our part cost by $.19”  –  Stuctural Foam Molder

“Reedy’s foaming agent has allowed us to reduce our part weight by 14%, as well as reduce our cycle times by almost 15%!”  –  NE Injection Molder

Let Reedy show you how to calculate your savings with their additives.

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