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Category: Casters
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Since 1948, Reid Supply offers the essential industrial parts/components needed for any manufacturing application. We have solutions for manufacturing industries such as Medical, Automotive, EV, Electronics, Fixtures, Food Processing, Furniture, Packaging, Agriculture, Aerospace and Transportation.

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Essential Industrial Parts/Components for Machinery, Equipment and OEM With FREE CAD Downloads

Our Partners
Reid Supply maintains strong partnerships with over 200 leading brands, such as Destaco, Kipp, Vlier, JW Winco, CD Hardware, DimcoGray, Elesa, Jergens, 80/20, Colson, ER Wagner, Garr Tool, Little Giant, Mitutoyo, Starrett, Southco, and many more. As a preferred distributor, we can source the entire catalog of products from our vast supplier network — not just the products we stock daily in our warehouse. That is why we can help you find the hard-to-find products.

Nobody Will Serve The Customer Better
For over 75 years, Reid Supply remains focused on knowledgable, responsive, customer service to give you quality products, on-time delivery, and hassle-free service. We are proudly committed to Reid's founding principle that "Nobody will serve the customer better!"

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Technical Articles

Clamping Levers vs. Clamping Handles vs. Adjustable Handles (Fastening and Joining) Before buying clamping levers for your industrial devices, you need to understand the differences in features, components, and accessories. In general, though, a cam lever or cam clamp is a... (View Full Article)
From the Powertrain to Your Kitchen - Know the Different Types of Latches For Your Application (Fastening and Joining) You come into contact with various types of latches on a daily basis as they're utilized almost everywhere, from magnets that hold that kitchen cabinet door closed to latches used in the automotive... (View Full Article)