As a recognized leader in their industry, REM-tronics is committed to the requirements of their customer. They are experienced in the production of High Reliability Components and Systems. With their consistently upgraded facilities, and distinctive service, their nurture unique relationships with their customers. REM-tronics will continue to develop the high quality for which they have become known, and upon which their customers rely.

REM-tronics was incorporated in 1950 by the owners of Forbes & Wagner, a manufacturer of industrial transformers and electrical devices. Since then, REM-tronics has continued to grow as a leading contract manufacturer of high- quality electromagnetic coils, cables, harnesses, fiber optic assemblies, and plastic molded components. These products are used in a wide variety of aerospace, medical, defense, and industrial applications.

REM-tronics offers proven reliability, reasonable cost, and strict compliance to delivery and quality. Their customers have come to rely on their flexibility in manufacturing, expertise, and application of best practices. Their lean manufacturing principles, theory of constraints, and demand based systems allow them to provide solutions to meet all their customers’ needs.







As you address your business challenges, REM-tronics will bring you a wide array of tools, technology, and expertise to assist with your business objectives.

Rem-tronics, Inc. Rem-tronics, Inc. Rem-tronics, Inc. Rem-tronics, Inc. Rem-tronics, Inc.

   • ISO 9001:2000 Certified
   • AS9100 Compliant
   • Mil-STD Specification
    • ANSI/IPC-J-STD Application
   • Soldering to NASA-STD-8739.3
   • GMP Medical Systems
   • ITAR Registered
   • Six Sigma Manufacturing
   • Lean Sigma
   • Quick Response Manufacturing


Rem-tronics, Inc. is committed to the service and the requirements of their customers. As a recognized leader in the military and aerospace industry, their ISO9001 certification, NASA-STD 8739.3 soldering certification, and military process endorsements are evidence of their skilled team. They align their manufacturing processes to consistently earn and exceed the customers' expectations. Rem-tronics is constantly upgrading their facility and expanding their specializations to remain current in today's market.

Rem-tronics customers require the contract manufacturing services they offer to be specialized in high reliability components. Their manufacturing experience includes precision coils, electromagnetic, electronic products and systems for medical, biotechnological, aerospace and aircraft equipment.

REM-tronics has a business plan allowing them to constantly define, measure, analyze, improve and control all their business process systems. This process is proven to insure high quality in all products delivered to their highly valued and progressive customer base.

REM-tronics is certified to meet stringent military, NASA, federal and customer requirements. Their staff successfully secures and maintains APPROVED SUPPLIER ratings with all customers.

REM-tronics' quality manufacturing services are ready to serve you.

Rem-tronics, Inc. Rem-tronics, Inc. Rem-tronics, Inc. Rem-tronics, Inc. Rem-tronics, Inc.

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