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Category: Wirewound Resistors
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Riedon, Inc.Company Information:

  • Resistor Manufacturer since 1960 serving Industrial, Medical,
    Telecommunication, Instrumentation, and Aerospace markets.
  • Number of Employees: 100+
  • Headquarters in Southern California
  • Manufacturing plants in California and Mexico
  • Global Partnerships in Germany, India, Japan, China & S. Korea.

Riedon offers a very broad range of resistor products using metal foil, metal film, thin film and wirewound elements in:

  • Surface Mount
  • Power
  • Precision
  • Network & Array
  • High Voltage
  Market Segments:

Industrial, Medical, Instrumentation, Telecommunication, Aerospace

  Riedon's New Market:
  • Solar/Wind Inverters
  • Hybrid – Power Drive Systems, Vehicles, LED Lights
  • Communication – Cellular Microwaves

Riedon's Competitive Advantage:

  • Rapid Response to customers' requests – within 24 hours
  • Customer Resistors – Riedon welcomes special customer made resistors request
  • Quickest Delivery – typically 4 weeks or less while industry average is 6-10 weeks
  • Ease of doing business – Riedon is a small manufacturing company and it’s easy to deal with them

check here for Riedon's PowerPoint presentations

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