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Rieker Inc, a worldwide leader in the manufacturing of quality electronic and mechanical inclinometers, is committed to customer service, product availability, technical support, and performance. Riekerâ??s technological excellence, supported by continuing substantial investments in research and development, has been the foundation of growth, and helps to ensure quality products for our customers.


ISO 9001:2015 is an International Standard for Quality Management Systems that consistently meet customer requirements and improve over time in order to increase customer satisfaction.

RoHS stands for Restriction of Hazardous Substances. RoHS, also known as Directive 2002/95/EC, originated in the EU and restricts the use of specific hazardous materials found in electrical and electronic products.

The CE Marking is a symbol that indicates a product complies with the â??essential requirementsâ?� of the European laws or Directives. It indicates conformity to the legal requirements of the EU Directive with respect to safety, health, environment, and consumer protection.

CSA International is a provider of product testing and certification services for electrical, mechanical, plumbing, gas and a variety of other products. Recognized in Canada, the U. S. and around the world, CSAâ??s marks appear on over one billion products worldwide.

Customer Service
Customer satisfaction is our number one goal. We are committed to increasing the customer satisfaction by providing unmatched customer service.

At Rieker, we service industries spanning from the military and aerospace defense all the way to the sail boat in your local harbor.

100% Quality Testing
At Rieker, our parts are tested during every step of the manufacturing process. Ask your supplier if they provide data sheets.

Customized Solutions
If you canâ??t find a solution off our shelf, we have dedicated staff and engineers ready to work with your project to create the best solution for your need.

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