Founded in 2003, Rogue Valley Microdevices is the first company to establish a microelectronics manufacturing facility in beautiful Southern Oregon.  Headquartered in Medford Oregon, they have quickly established themselves as one of the premier Thin Films Foundries in the United States by providing their customers with great quality, customer service, and engineering support.

Rogue Valley Microdevices has over 10 thousand square feet of manufacturing area where they maintain processing equipment capable of volume manufacturing yet flexible enough to accommodate wafer sizes from 50mm to 300mm. The company offers a variety of processes, including Low Stress LPCVD Nitride, PECVD Oxide, PECVD Nitride, PECVD Silicon Carbide, Thermal Oxidation, Chlorinated Oxidation, N2/H2 Annealing, and a variety of PVD films to satisfy our customers’ needs.

Rogue Valley Micrdevices also has a wide selection of silicon wafers that are available for immediate purchase.  Please see their website for a complete list of products and services. 

Rogue Valley Microdevices is dedicated to providing high quality manufacturing and engineering services of silicon wafers at an affordable price. They believe in their ability to meet or exceed their customer’s expectations of quality, price, and delivery. Rogue Valley Microdevices supplies services to customers with a wide variety of applications, including Semiconductor, Biotechnology, Nanotechnology, and MEMS.

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