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Category: Adhesive Tapes
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Founded in 1979 and based in Southern California, SDI Systems Division, Inc. enjoys an international reputation as a premier supplier of industry-specific cleaning systems, supplies and solutions.

SDI has made significant changes to the world of cleaning, and continues to provide revolutionary new products such as the cleaning machine roller cartridge, silicone-free tacky roller cleaning systems, and non-electrical rotary brush/vacuum solutions.

With offices in Asia and Europe, SDI is uniquely positioned to respond to the rapidly changing technologies, emerging challenges and specific needs of their customers all over the world.

SDI has an extremely broad family of products. They can supply cleaning solutions for film, paper, metal, and formed plastics. They are a global, single-source supplier of everything from tacky rollers and rotary brush/vacuum contact cleaning equipment, clean room products and dust removal systems to lamination products and embossed mylar.

Based on recent innovations, they can now go beyond cleaning flat surfaces.

In addition, SDI provides products for most clean room applications, as well as various products used in the manufacturing and assembly of PCBs, PCWs and Flex Circuitry.

SDI's ever-expanding lines of top-quality products, highly respected international network of distributors, and unsurpassed customer service, all reflect SDI’s unwavering commitment to consistently exceed their clients’ expectations.

SDI's goal is a simple one: To provide your business with the cost-effective cleaning systems, supplies and solutions you need to make it as productive and profitable as possible.

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