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Thank you for taking an interest in SE International's radiation detection instrumentation. Since 1979 RADIATION ALERT® instruments have proven ideal for a wide range of applications. As the manufacturer of our products, we have engineered them to be reliable, simple to use and understand, and affordably priced. We're dedicated to our customers and promise to help you find the appropriate instrument for your needs.

Handheld Geiger Counters are very good for checking ambient radiation and gross levels of radioactive contamination. They are not the ideal instruments for detecting low levels of radiation in food and soil. If you are unsure about which instrument is best for your application, please contact us for more information so we can provide you with the best instrument for your needs.

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S. E. International, Inc.The Abacus & iPaq Radiation Detection Solution combines a handheld, digital radiation detector with an iPaq that enables you to complete your surveys automatically. Compatible with Windows Mobile™, Palm™ or Windows™ OS.
S. E. International, Inc.The Sentry EC: The Sentry EC is a Personal Alarming Dosimeter / Ratemeter designed to ensure the safety of personnel that work in occupations with potential x-ray or gamma exposure.

S. E. International, Inc.

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