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Category: Electric Brakes
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Holding Magnets

Combined Clutch and
Brake Units

SG Transmission design and manufacture clutches, brakes and electromagnetic solutions.

SG Transmission designs and manufactures electromagnetic clutches and brakes. The product range can be bought as standard or designed to meet specific customer requirements. We export our electromagnetic solutions throughout the world from our purpose built factory in the UK.

SG Transmission began life in 1972 and has, since then, been designing and manufacturing electromagnetic clutches and brakes for its global customer portfolio. Fundamentally an engineering business, we provide innovative solutions for specific market or customer requirements through our in-house design team.

Our manufacturing facilities were purpose built to meet the existing and future capacity demands of the business and the capability for large or small volume orders. We continue to invest in the latest CNC machinery to improve efficiency and have a clear focus on continuous improvement in lean and efficient cellular manufacturing.

Our design team works alongside our customers to develop products to meet specific issues, space requirements or new innovations, before manufacturing and testing to meet the relevant standards.

SG Transmission’s parent company is Stephenson Gobin, which is a British Engines company. The British Engines Group employs 1,250 people in its six engineering businesses based throughout the north east of England. It also has offices throughout the world including Australia, USA, India, South Africa, Singapore and Germany.

We benefit from the core services, and people orientated culture of our parent company, British Engines, which includes taking on apprentices as part of the British Engines Apprenticeship Scheme.

Geofire is also a product brand of Stephenson Gobin. Geofire manufactures a wide range of electromagnetic activation devices, ranging from fire door holders and closers to smoke curtain releasers and roof vent winches.

Customised clutches, brakes and holding magnets including:

  • Power-on clutches and brakes
  • Combined clutch and brake models
  • Spring-applied brake
  • Permanent magnet brakes – Backlash Free
  • Holding magnets

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