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Category: Atomic Emission and Optical Emission Spectrometers
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SPECTRO manufactures advanced instruments and develops the best solutions for elemental analysis in a broad range of applications.

Elemental analysis is continuing to develop at a fast pace worldwide with the need for ultimate precision, complex system requirements, and expanding fields of applications for even routine operations. SPECTRO leads the progress advancements in the field by providing new solutions and continuous innovations.

Founded in 1989 as a 3-man-enterprise, SPECTRO today employs over 400 employees around the world and is listed as the clear market leader for metal analyzers. In addition, growth in the sales of ICP and XRF spectrometers has continued to exceed industry averages.

Since our inception, over 40,000 instruments have been delivered globally. These include handheld spectrometers for applications such as metal recycling to fully automatic sample preparation and analysis systems for the process control in a variety of industries covering difficult applications. Our customers list covers the spectrum from small to large international companies in many different industries. SPECTRO is proud to be a vital partner in providing quality products to improve both safety and offer superior analytical analysis to our customers.

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SPECTRO ARCOS delivers high-throughput agronomical analysis for Eurofins (Spectroscopy) SPECTRO ARCOS Benefits u Advanced analysis of crops, grass, soil, silage, forage, manure, and more u Simultaneous sample testing for all elements of interest in 60 seconds u Maximized throughput u... (View Full Article)