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Category: Flexible Shafts
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S.S. White Technologies, Inc.

S.S. White leads the world in Flexible Shaft technology and innovation. From 1874 when our Dr. Eli Starr first patented "flexible shafts" through today with Dr. Adam Black's thesis on the "mechanics of flexible shafts," technology and innovation have been what drives our company. We are known throughout the world for having the best performing, highest quality Flexible Shafts. S.S. White Flexible Shafts are used in 98% of aircrafts flying today, numerous surgical instruments, cutting edge industrial applications, and millions of automobiles. Our Flexible Shafts are on the "space station" and have gone to the moon. We work hard at solving "rotary power transmission" problems. Our team of experts prides itself on being "over the top" responsive to customer needs. We listen carefully, provide solutions quickly, and build long lasting relationships regularly. Come join our family of delighted customers.

Applications for Flexible Rotary Shafts:

High Speed

  • TRAS

Tight Bend Radius

  • TRAS
  • Power Seat Tracks
  • Power Sliding Door System

Large Offsets

  • Power Seat Tracks

Extreme Environment

  • Scavenge Pump
  • F100 Vane Actuation System -
    Afterburner Nozzle Control


  • MRI Drug Delivery
S.S. White Technologies, Inc.

Quality Certifications

  • ISO9001:2000 third-party certified
  • AS9100 and ES9100 third-party certified
  • QS9000 third-party certified
  • FDA Certified Medical Device Facility
  • FAA Approved to FAR21 Subpart/K

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What is a Flexible Shaft? (Power Transmission) A flexible shaft transmits rotary motion much like a solid steel shaft. But, it can be routed over, under, and around obstacles that would make using a solid shaft impractical. ... (View Full Article)