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How Saftty Deliver True Benefits to Clients?

Saftty was established in 2008, at the same year, a factory was invested and setted up in Baoying, Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province. Guangzhou factory set up in 2011. In 2017 due to the adjustment of production line, the Guangzhou factory merged with Yangzhou plant. And the plant area expanded in 2018 to nearly 3000 square meters. In 2020, the full automation rate of production line equipment has reached over 80%.

Saftty specializes in R&D and distributing all kinds of thermal protectors which are widely used in battery packs, motors , pumps , ballasts , transformers , coil , winding, portable power tools , electric heating appliances and home appliances for the over heat and over current protection.

Saftty strictly controls the quality of all thermal motor protectors, including high temperature cutoff switch, resettable thermal cutoff switch and PTC thermistor motor protection, offering safe and reliable temperature control products to clients.

What Services Can Saftty Provide?

1.We can provide 5-10 pcs thermal protector samples for free, but the overseas shipping cost will be your side. Pls let us know your specific contact information and specificateion, if you want to have free samples from us.

2.We have contracts with TNT, FedEx,UPS and some forwarders, which can offer you door to door service. The cost based on freight prepaid is 30 percent to 50 percent lower than the cost based on freight collect. 

3.We can provide all kinds of accessories. Lead wire with additional length, connectors, terminals, brackets for easy mounting etc. are available for our thermal protectors. We have complete supply chain and even prepare stocks of many kinds of materials such as electric wire, silicone rubber wire, teflon wire, and connectors from Taiwan or Mainland, and so on. Customization is our strong point.

4.We can provide total solution of overheating. We have good business relationship with near 30 manufacturers specializing in thermal protector, thermal cutoff, thermostat, resetable fuse, thermal sensor. Some of them authorize us as their sole agent in the world market, some of them OEM for us. Some of them are our distributors in domestic market. We can offer our customers total solution to over heat and purchase various kind of products for thermal control for our customers. 

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