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Savillex has been providing clean, innovative fluoropolymer solutions that are trusted for the most challenging life science and lab/ analytical applications since 1976. We're a team of industry experts that understands the importance of being easy to do business with.

We manufacture single-use technology (SUT) products and systems for bioprocessing and cell and gene therapy (CGT) companies and hundreds of fluoropolymer products that perform the most demanding trace metal analysis in labs worldwide. In addition, we produce custom molded fluoropolymer components for companies in industries ranging from semiconductor to aerospace.

Fluoropolymers are the most difficult polymers to mold and require highly specialized molding tools and a great deal of experience and expertise. Our 45+ years of experience in molding fluoropolymers makes us experts in designing the most effective application solutions in the industries we serve. And unlike other companies, we design and manufacture our molding tools in-house, which gives us great speed, flexibility, and complete control of product quality.

Quality and cleanliness are important to us. We use automation and HEPA-filtered mini-environments around our injection molding presses to prevent airborne contamination. For bioprocessing and CGT applications, our Purillex® fluoropolymer bottles are produced in-house in a cleanroom using proprietary stretch blow molding equipment. We also offer a full range of integration services, building SUT assemblies in our cleanroom for life sciences applications.

Across the company, our goal remains the same: to apply our know-how in fluoropolymer molding to develop the world's best fluoropolymer products - whatever the application.

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