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Category: Sump Pumps
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Extensive experience in the design and in the production of corrosion-resistant thermoplastic pumps has rendered Savino Barbera a point of reference in the handling of aggressive liquids and fluids to be protected from contamination. The special construction of these pumps eliminates the possibility of any contact between metal parts and the liquids, while the selection of materials and manufacturing technologies ensure full compatibly with the products handled, a long operating life and conformity with applicable safety standards.

Savino Barbera also offers its technological know-how and its dedicated technical support, guaranteeing the right solutions for all industrial pumping needs: continuous research regarding the manufacturing process and constant attention to the customer's problems result in high qualitative standards in terms of reducing environmental impact and optimizing performance. Updated assisted design, a cutting edge test bench for final hydraulic-electrical testing, post-sales consulting, replacement parts and repairs complete the activities offered.

The production of Savino Barbera centrifugal pumps is specifically designed for service, including heavy service, with corrosive chemical substances and is intended for applications in industrial processes, production lines and treatment plants where the characteristics of resistance against chemical aggression must match with reliability, safe use and easy maintenance.

  • Petrochemical plants
  • Chemical: production and processing of basic products
  • Industrial chemical processes
  • Metal treatment in general
  • Galvanic industry, printed circuits, pickling and degreasing
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Gas treatment, scrubbers
  • Food industry, canning, dairy, beverages and oils
  • Water: water purification, water softening, demineralization
  • Wastewater treatment and purification
  • Seawater treatment, desalination
  • Descaling piping and plants
  • Textile, tanning, and dyeing industries
  • Metallurgical industry
  • Fertilizers
  • Production of electrical energy, batteries
  • Glass, ceramics, goldsmith and paper industry
  • Acquaculture, fish-breeding, hydroponic tanks
  • Photography
  • Laboratories, hospitals and heating facilities

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