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Category: Harmonic Filters
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Schaefer, Inc.


Schaefer, Inc.Active Harmonic Filters - designed to meet IEEE-519

Our cost-effective Power Quality and Power Factor Correction modules are scalable to any current & voltage requirements. Improves efficiency while reducing harmonic pollution from VFDs and other non-sinusoidal equipment.

The PB-SERIES is an active harmonic filter system for tower buildings as well as automation, windturbine and various other industrial applications eliminating harmonic oscillations and consequently costs for reactive energy. The filter monitors the current signal and compensates for the unwanted elements of the measured current. Thus, the filter ensures a harmonic suppression independently of the number of loads. Furthermore the filter corrects the power factor, improving the systems' efficiency while reducing harmonic pollution.


  • Modular system 60 A to 300 A extendable
  • Harmonic compensation for 3-wire and 4-wire technology
  • Up to 50th harmonic each individually selectable
  • Ultrafast reactive power compensation
  • Flicker compensation
  • Load balancing between phases and unload neutral wire
  • Grid resonancy detection
  • Ethernet and Ethercat system for interconnection
  • Subsystems Display control unit, Active sensor unit, ModBus, PQ Analyzer


  • Custom AC Drives (250KW 8MW)
  • AC-AC Converters (1.5KW to 8MW+)
  • Liquid Cooled Power System for Wind Turbines with permanent magnet synchronous generator (up to 8MW)
  • Liquid Cooled Electronic Loads (DC&AC)
  • DC/AC Inverters
  • DC/DC Converters
  • AC/DC Power Supplies
  • COTS, MOTS, & Custom

Please contact Jeff Roffee (Director of Power Systems) at jroffee@schaeferpower.com  or at 508-435-6400 x 119 for additional information.




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