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Ingenuity made in Germany

SCHLEIFRING stands for the highest level of precision and absolute reliability when transmitting data, power, air and fluid between moving and stationary components. We are pioneer and market leader in contactless high end transmission. We enable transmission of image data at more than 50GBit/sec with the utmost care and quality. We are also one step ahead in the field of inductive transmission. There are presently systems in use with up to 200kW. For almost 50 years, SCHLEIFRING provides innovative design and engineering ingenuity made in Germany. We have loyal customers in various applications such as industrial, commercial, medical, marine, wind turbine, aerospace and defense.


Slip Ring Configurator

Create your personal slip ring online! Our new slip ring configurator opens up a completely new level of versatility and flexibility for all types of rotary joints. Simply select from the wide variety of options to meet your requirements. Through an optimized supply chain, it is possible to assemble and deliver your individual slip ring within just a few working days.


Worldwide service and overhaul

At SCHLEIFRING, you don’t just buy a product. You buy a promise: Our service experts ensure that things keep spinning for you – even after decades. An entire department of experienced experts works every day to find the best solutions for our customers – for every slip ring in every area of application.


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