Schneider Packaging Equipment is an innovative company whose core focus is to produce "end-of-line" packaging solutions. Schneider's product lines include cartoning, case packing, robotic palletizing and full end-of-line integration including wrapped and labeled pallets ready for truck or warehouse. For cartoners and case packers, Schneider offers conventional horizontal and vertical packers as well as the latest in robotic case packing. Their palletizing line encompasses their unique family of low cost, small footprint Robox palletizers and multi -line, multi-SKU systems.

To further complement their product line, Schneider supplies and integrates ancillary equipment such as automatic guided carts, conveyors, printers, accumulators, readers, pallet and sheet dispensers and other related equipment to provide a complete solution tailored to your needs.

Schneider Packaging Equipment's alliance with proven industry leaders such as FANUC Robotics, Rockwell Automation, Duferco Packaging and Jervis B. Webb further enhance their capabilities. Schneider is renowned for providing rugged and reliable equipment that provides rapid rate of return and a low total cost of ownership.

The Schneider Company was formed in April 1970 and Schneider Packaging Equipment Co., Inc. followed in January 1972.

Schneider Packaging Equipment has grown over the years, moving three times, then expanding their present facility in 1988 to 32,000 square feet of plant space devoted to machine manufacture and assembly. They have grown several times since then to bring their total facility size to over 87,000 square feet. Schneider has sales offices in several states and Canada. Their machinery installations stretch across the USA, Canada, the Caribbean, South America, Australia and Saudi Arabia.

Because Schneider Packaging Equipment offers the flexibility their customers demand, many original customers still buy equipment from them today, which proves their confidence was well placed. Over half of their business is from repeat customers. Although they have grown to almost 150 employees over the years, customers still get the same personal attention they came to expect when they first opened.

Schneider Packaging Equipment believes in lifetime support for every customer and have given constant support since 1970 (machinery 30 years old is still in production today). They want their machines to be the best employee you’ve got. That’s good for your business and it's good for Schneider’s too.

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