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Category: Thread Mills
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Scientific Cutting Tools offers an array of standard and custom cutting tools made from the finest compressed sub-micron carbide and high speed steel.

Thread Mills

Single Point Tools

Indexable Tools

Port Tools

Specialty End Mills

People Making the Difference

More than 65 years ago, Scientific Cutting Tools, Inc. was established as an innovative tool business based upon the simple marketing concept of providing customers with superior products, competitive prices and uncompromising service. The owners and employees started SCT with a fresh perspective in tool design techniques and an inspired ambition to succeed. SCT entered the tool business with one product, one customer, and one driving goal – to be number one in the cutting tool industry.

Over the years, SCT has developed new tool lines, and refined existing ones. SCT’s aggressive research and development department also has the capability of developing specialized customer tools designed for specific projects. SCT tool designers can also modify existing stock tools to meet individual customer needs.

Although more than 65 years has passed since SCT first opened its doors in Simi Valley, California, the company’s fundamental reasons for being in business have not changed from those that were first established by company founder Stan Christopher. Today’s commitment to quality control, unparalleled craftsmanship, and customer satisfaction are the attributes that set the people of Scientific Cutting Tools above the competition.

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