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Category: Cyclone Separators
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Scientific Dust Collectors is a division of Venturedyne, Ltd., a large diversified industrial manufacturing corporation with divisions specializing in dust collection, indoor air quality, environmental test chambers, ventilation equipment, metal detectors, and sub-micron laser particle counters for clean rooms.

We started in 1981 when our first patented improvement for cleaning a filter media was issued. All dust collector design, manufacturing, applications, and sales support are done in one location providing close control over all key aspects of our business.

We guarantee performance, efficiency, and filter life!

What is our Strategy

Scientific Dust Collectors' approach to dust collection can be summarized by the following:
  • To provide very reliable dust collection using advanced dust collector engineering designs.
  • To maintain our competitiveness through the innovation in our superior nozzle based cleaning system and proper dust collection techniques.
  • To add the quality and value back into our dust collectors that our competition takes out in order to save costs.
  • To allow our customers the flexibility to tailor our dust collectors to their needs.
  • To provide responsive customer service.

The Proof is in the Performance

  • The performance superiority of Scientific Dust Collectors is not just an idle claim. It is fact based on sound theory, solid engineering practices and extensive field experience.

Benefits of Superior Performance

  • Very reliable dust collection using a more compact collector that saves space.
  • Wide selection of fabric types for any dust application
  • Fewer bags, valves and cages to maintain.
  • Less wear and tear on the filtering media.
  • Lower system pressure drops.
  • Longer media life.
  • Ability to handle high dust loads without the need for a cyclone precleaner.
  • Greater ability to recover should the bags become blinded due to dust surges, moisture, loss of compressed air or other unexpected interruptions that occur in real life.


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ASHRAE199 Testing Standard: What Is It, What This Means for You as a Company, and How it Changes How and from Whom You Should Consider Purchasing Your Next Dust Collector. (Air Quality) In 2016, The American Standards Testing Institute (ANSI) and The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), issued a quantitative laboratory testing method for... (View Full Article)