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Category: Industrial Pins
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SelfLube is the leading US manufacturer of precision components for molds, dies and special machines.

We are a successful growing company and that success and growth is based upon our delivering superior value to our customers who tend to be particularly demanding in that regard. We sell directly to build shops, which results in better pricing, better lead times and better customer service.

We are a Quality Company. We are ISO 9000 registered (currently to the 9001:2008 standard) and have been so for many years. This isn't a mere 'credential.' ISO procedures are fully integrated into our company and are the principal basis for controlling our manufacturing operations. It's been extremely effective. We consistently get high marks in ISO audits and in our customer surveys. We are also proud to say we are an approved GM supplier.

We are also a Continuous Improvement Company. Part of this is focus. We don't try to be all things to all people. Instead, we make a range of products that have process similarities, which we can really focus on and get better and better at what we do. Every year we improve. Every year we do an even better job for our customers.

Finally, we are a Customer Service Company. On time delivery is practically a religion with us. Our customers depend upon it and we make it happen. This isn't just talk. SelfLube has a proven track record of 99% on time delivery.

The Company started up in 1990 when Phil Allor, a manufacturing consultant and engineer, purchased some surplus equipment from a local die shop and began producing Self-Lubricating Wear Plates and selling them to other shops in the area. We've grown a lot since then. SelfLube now makes several thousand part numbers, both Self-Lubricating and Non Self-Lubricating, and supplies them to customers throughout North America and increasingly worldwide.

SelfLube is housed in a modern 26,000 square foot manufacturing facility located in Coopersville, Michigan and is still privately owned.

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