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Category: Cable and Electrical Tapes
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Innovation and development, and customer-oriented services

Shenzhen Yousan Technology Co., Ltd. is a diversified group of companies, including industrial adhesives and film products. Our company is headquartered in the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, the capital of innovation in China, and has production bases and sales offices in Hong Kong, Dongguan, Shanghai, Kunshan and Xiamen. The company always insists on quality to survive, innovation and development, and customer first.

Film Products Business

We have introduced 6 high-precision blown film production lines in Japan, 8 high-precision and high-precision coating lines in Germany, automatic slitting machines, and high-precision slitting and laminating machines, dedicated to the development, production, and sales of protective films. , PET, PU, CPP, PP, OPP, anti-acid film, release film, etc., products are widely used in backlight module, light guide plate, touch screen, LCD, plastic lens, glass lens, PC sheet, PET Plates, PMMA plates, etc. With regard to the development and application of membrane technology, we have always maintained a simultaneous development with world-renowned companies and the same industry, providing the world with the highest quality products and solutions.

Industrial Tape Business

Our company mainly includes high-temperature series (Kapton tape, Teflon tape, PET silicone high-temperature tape) foam series (acrylic foam, PE foam, PU foam, EVA foam, EPDM), conductive thermal series (thermal conductive adhesive, Aluminum Foil, Copper Foil, Conductive Cloth, Conductive Adhesive, Graphite Sheet), Insulation Series (Mara Tape, Battery Termination Tape, Glass Cloth Tape, Acetate Cloth Tape, Electrical Tape), Double Sided Tape Series (PET Double Sided Tape, Nonwoven Cloth double-sided tape, no substrate double-sided tape, PVC double-sided tape) single-sided adhesive series (textured paper, cloth tape, sealing glue, fiber glue, reflective film, PVC floor glue).

Our factory also has die-cutting business division: long-term cooperation with brands such as 3M, TESA, NITTO, and so on, for automotive accessories, LCD, LED, TV and other panel double-sided strong tape and protective film, mainly used for surface protection of electronic and electrical accessories, Strong paste between structure and structure. Mainly play a strong bond, shock, sealing and so on. It is one of the major suppliers of domestic panel industry and accessories for touch screen mobile phone accessories. The annual turnover is approximately RMB 100 million. Monthly production of 50 million sets of electronic and electrical accessories, mobile phones and panel accessories factory. The continuous improvement is our responsibility. The customer's true satisfaction is that our company can complete the process from mold design, stamping molding, packaging, inspection and other processes, and can provide customers with high quality products and services, and quality goals!

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Shenzhen You-San Technology Co., Ltd.
Shenzhen You-San Technology Co., Ltd.