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Category: Gas Chromatographs
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From analytical products to process measurement solutions

Siemens utilizes advanced and proven analytical products and measurement systems to improve process control, optimize quality, monitor process safety and comply with environmental regulations.  We offer a wide range of continuous gas analyzers, process gas chromatographs and provide turnkey analytical solutions for optimum cost of operation, simplicity and longevity.  Siemens technical support teams support you throughout the measurement system life cycle.


Process analytics system solutions

At Siemens, we select leading edge products best suited for your measurement task and utilize process analyzer engineering expertise to define, engineer, and provide comprehensive measurement solutions.  Our solutions address the issues of life-cycle, long term performance measurement system simplicity and maintainability.

Read our Solutions for Process Analytics brochure to learn more about Siemens Analytical Products and Solutions customized for every analytical task.

The One-Stop Shop discusses process instrumentation, process analytics, weighing technology and how to optimize processes with our automation and instrumentation portfolio.  Benefit from the versatility of our holistic solutions for your process tasks with integrated solutions from a single source.


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Technical Articles

Column Switching Simplification in Process Gas Chromatography (Gas Sensing) On-line process gas chromatography column switching is utilized to ensure the interference free analytical separation of specific process relevant components in multi component mixtures. Column... (View Full Article)
Insitu Analysis of Ammonia Slip and Water Vapor Using a Tunable Diode Laser for SCR/SNCR Optimization and Boiler Tube Surveillance in Power Plants (Gas Sensing) Environmental regulations driven by the 1990 Clear Air Act require Power Plants to reduce NOx emissions. SCR's and SNCR's reduce NOx emission by injecting ammonia into the combustion flue gas, which... (View Full Article)