Sigmund Cohn Corp.

For more than a century, Sigmund Cohn Corp. customers have been certain that when they buy a product, they are buying the very best. That's because quality and service are the hallmarks that define Sigmund Cohn Corp.

Over the years, representatives of worldwide industries that are at the forefront of new technologies have become their customers, relying on their fabricated metal products. They serve approximately 20 industries, including companies focused on the production of medical, jewelry, automotive, electronics, semiconductor, control and measurement products and devices. Their customers also include the aerospace, defense and temperature-sensing industries. In the same way that these customers are continually challenged to update and improve their quality and service, so is Sigmund Cohn Corp. dedicated to improving and expanding their products and service performance to meet and anticipate their ever-expanding needs. As new technologies have developed, Sigmund Cohn Corp. has benefited both as a supplier of precision fabricated materials and as a consumer of new manufacturing quality control and analytical equipment that allow them to maintain a leadership position.

All of those who work at Sigmund Cohn Corp. are united in the commitment to supply the materials that consistently meet their customers' manufacturing needs. To accomplish this, they work together in a true spirit of cooperation. Time and time again, their employees at every level of the organization are encouraged to provide their input and share their ideas. Only by doing so, can they identify, modify and change the materials, the products and the processing systems that allow them to satisfy the global marketplace. For even as they continue to grow within their core industries, they are also growing as an international presence. Today, their commitment to service customers all over the world is evident in the many languages featured on this website to accommodate their international customers. After more than a century, Sigmund Cohn Corp. is pleased to announce that they are stronger than ever.

The worldwide precious metals industry has been going through many consolidations and transitions - yet Sigmund Cohn Corp. never has lost sight of its more than 100-year-old mission that was begun by the company president's great grandfather, Sigmund. That mission is to offer the very best products and services available, providing customers with the highest value possible. The assurance of quality is further evidenced in their having achieved ISO 9000:2001 status. An environment of internal friendliness and professionalism prevails, and defines what they continue to bring to their customers. The ethics and values of Sigmund Cohn Corp. and its employees speak volumes about the importance they place in their corporate heritage.

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