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Solaronics, Inc. is a manufacturer of gas fired infrared radiant heaters for industrial, commercial & agricultural buildings in space & spot heating applications. These heaters are designed to use natural gas or LP/propane gas.

Products include patented energy efficient 2-stage & single-stage gas low intensity infrared radiant tube heaters, as well as 2-stage & single-stage gas high intensity infrared heaters. Other heaters available are stainless steel radiant tube heaters, compact outdoor heaters and overhead door heaters. Solaronics Gas Infra-Red Heaters are CSA (R) & CE (R) certified.

Applications for Solaronics heaters include: aircraft hangars, auto dealerships, barns, car washes, fire stations, loading docks, commercial garages, maintenance facilities, manufacturing plants, outdoor restaurant patios, auto service stations, sports arenas, train stations, warehouses & zoos.

Solaronics, Inc. manufactures custom designed gas infrared burners for commercial cooking, boiler, humidifier & dishwasher applications. Burner surface styles include ceramic tile, wire mesh and woven ceramic fiber in various shapes, sizes and capacities. These burners are highly efficient and environmentally friendly with very low NOx emissions characteristics.

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