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Category: Liquid Flow Meters
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Innovative Solutions

A quarter of a century ago, Innovative Fusion, a manufacturer of specialty welded components including metallic floats for the level control industry was founded by an engineer determined to provide products that were both economical and exceeded the most demanding industrial standards and specifications. Innovative quickly became a recognized authority and leading supplier of welded floats to the liquid level industry resulting in many inquiries from OEMs and end users for complete level switches.

In 1999, Innovative Solutions was launched as a manufacturer of low-cost liquid level and flow sensors. From its initial float type level switches, Innovative Solutions has expanded to include electronic sensors, indicators and accessories with the emphasis on exceptional and rugged design at OEM prices.

Innovative’s product line includes:

  • Float Switches
  • Liquid Level Switches & Transmitters
  • Innovative SolutionsLiquid Level Indicators
  • Electronic Tank Sensors
  • Flow Switches

During the growth of Innovative the goal of providing "Complete Customer Satisfaction" has remained steadfast. The Innovative team believes that every aspect of a customer supplier relationship is equally important and deserves the same attention to detail.

They employ six simple principles to achieve this goal:

  • Listen
  • Understand
  • Develop
  • Prove
  • Deliver
  • Support

As Innovative enters its fourth decade, these guiding principles will remain as the cornerstones for future customer relations and product innovations in the OEM liquid level control marketplace.

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