SPANCO, Inc. is the industry leader in overhead material handling, as well as Rigid Lifelines fall protection systems. They take great pride in their cost effective lifting, moving, and fall prevention solutions since 1979. They hold the industry standard in quality and continuously reach new levels of innovative design and safety.

SPANCO is ISO 9001:2008 registered. This means they actively monitor every part of their business, conducting monthly evaluations that cover everything from customer service to delivery times. At SPANCO, customer satisfaction is their top priority.

SPANCO goes the extra mile to make sure their customers receive the highest quality product, by packaging their cranes for shipping like no other company in the industry.

Crane Division

For over three decades, SPANCO has been providing customized and pre-engineered lifting solutions manufactured with the highest level of detail and quality.

SPANCO Gantry Cranes: They offer America’s widest variety of gantry crane models, with four styles of gantries and 550 standard gantry models. They supply manual gantry cranes, which allow operators of smaller and lighter applications to move the crane, as well as powered gantry cranes, which are used for high capacity jobs where operators require less manual features. Custom designed gantries are also SPANCO's specialty.

SPANCO Jib Cranes: They offer seven styles of standard jib cranes and can provide alternative styles of jibs to meet any specification, including motorized and articulating jibs. They also offer over 7,000 standard jib crane models on their price list.

SPANCO Workstation Bridge Cranes: Their workstation bridge cranes are designed for easy lifting and smooth, ergonomic travel. Freestanding and ceiling mounted workstation bridge crane kits are available in hundreds of pre-engineered models.

Fall Protection Division

Rigid Lifelines is focused on protecting your company’s most valuable asset, your employees. SPANCO engineers and manufactures fall protection systems that not only protect them from fatalities, but from serious injury.

Rigid Lifelines Fall Protection Systems: Rigid Lifelines offers the widest line of rigid fall protection systems in the industry. Their standard system designs include freestanding systems, ceiling mounted systems, long span systems, fold-away systems, wall traveling systems, portable monorail and gantry systems. SPANCO is also the expert on custom designed rigid fall arrest and fall restraint solutions.

Rigid Lifelines fall protection systems protect your workers from injury due to falls by utilizing their unique enclosed track, requiring no maintenance and superior performance indoors or outdoors, regardless of weather or working conditions. Available in multiple styles of track and varying weight models, Rigid Lifelines can provide your workers superior protection for all their fall protection needs. All Rigid Lifelines fall protection systems meet or exceed the current ANSI and OSHA Standards.

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