Specialty Components, Inc.

Specialty Components incorporated has over 30 years experience in designing and manufacturing precision air bearings, machine components and metal optics.  Their standard product line includes linear, spherical and cylindrical air bearings, as well as diamond point turned off-axis parabolic, flat and spherical mirrors.

Specialty Components, Inc.

Specialty Components, an ISO 9001:2008 certified corporation, designs, prototypes and produces air bearings of various configurations, accuracies and load capacities.

Air Bearing Products:

  • Linear Air Bearings
  • Spherical Air Bearings
  • Cylindrical Air Bearings

Specialty Components, Inc.

Specialty Components, Inc. provides services for micromachining metal surfaces to optical quality. They also produce multi-layer optical coatings.

Metal Optics Products:

  • Flat Mirrors
  • Off-Axis Parabolic Mirrors
  • Spherical Mirrors

Specialty Components, Inc. Services

Specialty Components, Inc.


Specialty Components, Inc. has many years of engineering and design experience applicable for your needs through consultation. They are able to provide services for designing large integrated air bearing machinery or designing small, single unit air bearing elements.

Specialty Components, Inc.


Whether rebuilding entire bearings or providing preventative maintenance, Specialty Components, Inc. can repair, rebuild or retrofit most air bearings from other manufacturers. Frequently, the repair involves a re-test of the bearing for performance in their facility.

Specialty Components, Inc. is committed to advancing the performance of their customers’ products or applications by using their knowledge of air bearing design and metal optics manufacturing to innovatively provide precision components of unequaled value.

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