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Category: Modular Connectors and RJ Connectors
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Inspired engineering, avid curiosity and technical expertise motivate Stäubli to continually develop the most innovative and versatile connectors. Serving a broad range of industries, we have both standard and customized connection solutions for all types of fluids, gases and electrical power, and the expertise to support every application.

Stäubli offers technologically advanced solutions for automotive, railway, steel, pharma & chemical, aerospace, transportation, power transmission and distribution, nuclear, electronics, plastics, motorsports, alternative energies, test and measurement and other industries. Our extensive product line includes quick couplings and multi-couplings, as well as quick mold change systems and robotic tool changers. All of our products deliver high performance, quality, safety, and dependability, backed by Stäubli's trusted reputation and global support network.

Built-in safety and sustainability
Stäubli connectors meet the highest standards in even the most demanding and competitive industries, where absolute performance, safety, durability, reliability, andefficiency are crucial.


Electrical connector systems
• Industrial connectors
• eMobility Solutions
• Connectors for automatic systems
• Connectors for renewable energy
• Test & measurement accessories
• Medical industry connectors
• MULTILAM contact technology

Fluid connector systems
• Quick-release couplings
• Dry disconnect coupling
• Multi-coupling systems
• Robotic tool changers
• Mold clamping solutions
• Tool changing tables and trolleys

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Technical Articles

Automotive Success Story (Connectors) Certain applications such as welding of mufti-layer sheet meal or aluminum welding require more powerful welding transformers. Therefore. 1 50A on the primary side would have boon undersized to covey... (View Full Article)
Backup Generator Connection (Connectors) Screw connector for a current level up to 400A to screw onto busbars or panel receptacles with M12 thread. According to the mounting situation and installation features several accessories and/or... (View Full Article)