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Category: Instrumentation Amplifiers
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Load / Force Sensors
Pressure Transducers
Temperature Sensors
LVDT Displacement Sensors
Since 1991, Stellar Technology has been engineering and manufacturing transducers, transmitters, and related instrumentation. Initially serving only the Aerospace industry, STI now provides a complete line of pressure, load, LVDT, temperature and specialty products, each manufactured with the same commitment to quality and attention to detail that their company is built on.

From outer space to the depths of the ocean, Stellar pressure, load, displacement, and temperature products are found in some of the most critical applications and some of the most hostile environments imaginable.

STI is proud to be a company where more than 25% of the staff are degreed engineers, and their modern, 50,000 sq. ft. complex is designed to take your application concept from R&D through prototyping, and finally into the manufacturing process. The facility and all manufacturing processes are ISO-9001 compliant, all calibrations are NIST traceable and in accordance with ANSI/NCSL Z540.

Stellar Technology uses reliable and rugged bonded foil strain gage technology in their products. All STI sensors are fully welded and constructed of stainless steel to provide excellent stability, shock and vibration resistance, as well as predictable performance in all conditions. When combined with their state-of-the-art electronics, exceptional quality, and rigid test standards, you're assured of "install and walk away" reliability with all Stellar products.

Stellar Technology products have a high degree of modularity, allowing them to maintain an inventory ready for custom rapid assembly, testing, and shipping. This concept allows for quick interchangeability of sub-assemblies to suit a client's particular requirements and custom applications. With this approach, no matter how unique your project is, STI can produce the exact sensor to meet your needs efficiently and with an exceptional standard of quality.

Products Include:

SMART TECHNOLOGY - Pressure, Load, and Temperature
The STI Smart Series utilizes a microprocessor to improve performance specs, create a uniquely addressable and communicative sensor, and provide digital output capability including RS232, SR485, CANbus, and MODbus.

AEROSPACE - Pressure Transducers and Transmitters
Stellar Technology is a proven source of high accuracy, extremely stable and long-life pressure transducers, flight-rated for Aerospace and other high reliability applications.

INDUSTRIAL - Pressure, Load, LVDT, and Temperature
Stellar Technology offers rugged, vibration proof, yet economical sensors with ±0.25% accuracy or, if your needs require, a higher accuracy of ±0.10%.

HAZARDOUS LOCATION - Pressure, Load, and Temperature
Intrinsically safe units specifically designed for hazardous locations. Available with ATEX, CE, CSA, DNV, EX, or ABS certifications.

PRESSURE/TEMPERATURE - Transducers and Transmitters
There are times when space limitations do not allow room for two separate measurement sensors. That's why Stellar Technology combines pressure and temperature measurements into a single unit.

SUBMERSIBLE - Pressure Transducers, LVDTs, and Load cells
Most of Stellar Technology's sensors are capable of submersible operation up to 16,000 feet, with proper marine modification.

SPECIALTY - Pressure, Load, and Temperature
Small size, non-standard outputs, unique temperature compensation, and a variety of mounting configurations are available to meet the special requirements of your application.

OILFIELD - Pressure, Load, LVDT, and Temperature
Sensors specifically designed for demanding oilfield applications and hostile environments.

TRANSPORTATION - Pressure, Load, LVDT and Temperature 
High accuracy and long life for reliable engine and powertrain testing, production line process control, or component testing.

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