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Robust Switches and Sensors for Demanding Applications

STEUTE TECHNOLOGIES has been developing and manufacturing high-performance switches, sensors, and related accessories since 1952. Our headquarters in Löhne, Germany employs more than 300, with sales offices in 21 countries around the world.

In the first 40 years in business, our focus was solely on producing control components for industrial “automation” applications. These components included limit switches, position sensors, foot switches emergency pull-wire switches, pushbutton switches, E-Stops, magnetic sensors, inductive sensors, machine guarding safety interlock switches and related installation accessories.

With these developed products as a platform, our more recent business focuses have been the development of the above products for use in the following specialized applications.

 .steute Wireless

With the widespread acceptance of wireless controls in the process industries, we found our industrial manufacturing customers looking for wireless solutions for applications that could not be effectively addressed using conventional cabled devices.

To meet this need, we have developed a broad range of Certified, wireless devices that operate in the ISM band at 915 MHz (USA, Canada and Australia) and 868 MHz (Europe). These include contact and non-contact position sensors, command devices, and programmable Receivers.

 .steute Automation

Steute has served the industrial automation and control industry with a broad range of switches and related accessories for more than 55 years. The current product program has evolved through implementation of continuing technological advances, and the development of modified and customized units to meet specific customer requirements.

It includes safety interlock switches, emergency pull-wire switches, safety sensors and related safety relay modules, foot switches, limit switches, non-contact magnetic and inductive sensors, and pushbutton switches. Each meets relevant international standards including CE, UL, CSA and other international norms.







.steute Extreme

As technology advanced and the applications for the above control components broadened, we found the need for devices that could reliably operate in challenging and hazardous environments. To meet these needs, we developed and offer the above components to meet an array of demanding environmental conditions.

These include switches and sensors for operation in explosive environments (ATEX/IEC Ex rated), at low temperature (-40° C), at high temperature (+90° C), in salt water atmospheres, in the food processing industry (IP69K rated), and where tolerance to extreme levels of moisture, shock and/or vibration is required.

 .steute Meditech

With the emergence of the Medical Device Directive in 1994, it became clear that while industrial foot switches could be modified to meet the functional requirements of this market, they compromised the ergonomic and aesthetic parameters important to the OEMs’ customers.

Recognizing these as important characteristics, this new business unit was founded to provide foot switches that also optimized the aesthetic and ergonomic characteristics and heighten the user experience.

Most applications can be effectively satisfied with an infinite array of "off-the-shelf custom" designs that can be achieved without tooling or NRE investments. In addition, our program includes totally-custom cabled and fully-approved wireless designs.

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