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Category: Hydraulic and Pneumatic Testing Services
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Sun Advanced Product Testing LabSun Advanced Product Testing Lab in Longmont, Colorado, is a fully equipped environmental test laboratory. Sun Advanced Product Testing Lab employs the use of vibration, shock, altitude and temperature/humidity test machines to perform evaluations on products and package systems. All are designed, built and utilized to perform testing in accordance with NEBS, ASTM, ISTA, MIL-SPEC 810, RTCA/DO-160, UN/DOT HAZ-MAT and other specifications.

Vision Statement: To be the pre-eminent provider of package design and product testing services in the Rocky Mountain region.

Fast facts:

  • Laboratory spans over 31,000 square feet.
  • Lab contains the most sophisticated and diversified equipment in the country.
  • Single source for dynamic, climatic testing as well as protective package consulting, design and test services.
  • Extreme ranges in test specimen size, weight and test severity levels are Sun Advanced Product Testing Lab's specialty.
  • Mechanical shock inputs from operational hazards, transportation to seismic events are genuinely reproduced on Sun Advanced Product Testing Lab test machines to evaluate product susceptibility and package performance.
  • Multi-axial testing is available to meet particular test specification requirements.
  • 12 engineers with over 150 years of combined experience and degrees in packaging, mechanical & chemical engineering.
  • Multiple shock TABLEs of different sizes and capacity, several vibration TABLEs, a horizontal impact tester, compression testers, a complete prototyping modeling shop, and several corrugated testing devices.
  • Assistance throughout your product design cycle, including early mechanical design and evaluation, fragility assessment, package design prototyping, and package validation testing.
  • The lab is ISTA certified and tests to numerous standards such as MIL-STD 810,RTCA/DO-160, ASTM, NMF Rule 180 claims arbitration, ISTA, EDS 6-1, MEER, and customer unique specifications. In addition, Sun Advanced Product Testing Lab is one of very few Dell certified labs in North America.

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