True to the tradition of the "American dream," Symmco has evolved from a small business into a respected leader in the powder metal (P/M) manufacturing industry.

Although the company’s reputation has been built on its exceptional, lead-free P/M bearings, its capabilities also include the fabrication of high performance component parts, gears and assemblies that range from simple to complex.

Accommodating both long and short runs, Symmco is a trusted source for innovative solutions to some of today’s toughest design challenges. With unique technical expertise and extensive manufacturing capabilities, the company supplies some of the most prominent manufacturers in the world with custom P/M products. In fact, Symmco parts are used in a wide variety of market-specific applications, where the conversion to P/M has proven to be a cost-effective alternative to machined counterparts.

Offering the largest sintered bronze bearing inventory in North America, Symmco has a 99% fill ratio and 24-hour delivery on all stock products. The company’s financial strength permits high levels of inventory to be maintained at all times, assuring customers that they will be able to receive the critical parts they need.

Symmco is your source for high quality, cost-effective P/M parts that have been engineered to outperform the competition. In addition to a wide array of stock products, we have the engineering and fabrication capabilities to execute special custom orders, as well as both high- and low-volume runs.

  • Stock Bearings
  • Bars, Cored & Solid
  • Plates
  • Custom Bearings
  • Metric Bearings
  • Gears
  • Component Parts

Sometimes your needs may go beyond the scope of our extensive inventory of stock products. With a diverse spectrum of both materials and manufacturing capabilities, Symmco has the versatility to deliver the custom solutions your industry demands.

  • Tools to produce over 2,000 custom-made bushings
  • Bushings in over 400 metric sizes
  • Rapid in-house tool design
  • Simple and complex component parts
  • Gears
  • Assemblies
  • Ability to execute both long and short runs

Symmco Incorporated
Symmco Incorporated
Symmco Incorporated

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