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Category: Self Priming Pumps
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Started in 2005, is a miniature brushless DC water pump enterprise that focuses on exporting to the high-end market in Europe and America. After more than ten years of industry precipitation, it has become the leader of high-end micro-pumps in China.

TOPSFLO takes technology R&D and innovation as the driving force for enterprise development, and sets up a professional R&D center. The R&D and production are strictly in accordance with the IATF:16949 quality management system, and independently develop a variety of products, involving new energy vehicles, water heaters, heating, drinking machines, Plumbing mattresses, kitchen and bathroom appliances, and other fields have obtained international certifications such as FDA, WRAS, and RoHS.

TOPSFLO has provided stable and reliable products and solutions for customers in 85 countries and regions, and has 23 cooperative distributors in 8 countries including the United States, Britain, Germany, Australia and South Africa.

With the goal of "providing safe, continuous and stable fluid power", TOPSFLO takes "developing the world's leading brand of high-end micro-pumps" as its development vision, focusing on the development of a micro-DC brushless water pump for the centuries-old German precision manufacturing enterprise. Industry benchmark products, with technology to help people live a better life.

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