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Category: Nanomaterials
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TPL, Inc. is a materials science-based technology and manufacturing company, dedicated to the discovery, development, and production of leading-edge products that provide unique and superior value. TPL has a vigorous and vital R&D culture through which its business-critical technologies are continually evolved. This R&D effort is accomplished through SBIR, IRAD, and government-funded engineering development programs. TPL is the leading Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) award winner in New Mexico and is among the top fifty SBIR companies in the United States. TPL prides itself on its highly successful commercialization record in transitioning new technologies into manufactured products, as well as new capabilities for the Government.

TPL, Inc. HMX Powder

TPL has Three Divisions:

  • Defense Systems Division
  • Capacitance Products Division
  • Micropower Division

Through research in the above Divisions TPL has gained great experience and knowledge in:

  • Advanced Dielectric Materials
  • High Performance Capacitance Devices
  • Demil of Conventional Munitions
  • Micropower Products
TPL, Inc. EnerPak™

TPL’s line of products is based on a vertically integrated manufacturing philosophy, thus controlling business-critical proprietary information to the maximum practical extent. For example, TPL originated and produces all material formulations and processes necessary for the manufacture of its nano-composite dielectric components; this includes:

  • Nano-sized Ceramic Particles
  • Polymer Formulations, Mold Designs
  • Casting Processes
  • Qualification Testing

We are now manufacturing CUSTOM LOTS of our NanOxide Titanate Powders in quantities of 5kg - 20kg. 

TPL is strongly committed to commercial implementation of all its technologies.


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