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Category: Servo Drives
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TRM manufactures industrial controls for machinery automation. Equipment ranges from multi axis motion controllers, CNC router controllers, CNC cutting controllers, guillotine controllers, DC and AC servo motors and drives, proximity sensors and encoders. Custom controls can be designed for OEM clients integrating not just Temperature and Motion Control in the same controller, but also any other functions required to operate the machine.

CNC Controller
TRM International Ltd.
  Guillotine Controller
The CNC controller from TRM use the latest technology at an affordable price. Specially designed for CNC routers, CNC plasma cutting machines CNC oxycut. The stand alone controller has a standard screen of 5.7 inches and 30 key keypad but options are available for bigger screen and QWERTY keypad. Capabilities include G-code interpreter and, home offset, automatic tool change, 3D real time graphics, jog wheel for offset home position and spindle speed control. Prices start at 895.00 USD.   PROCUT is a high precision Guillotine Control System that can be installed in any industrial guillotine. It has 5.7 inches color screen, memory for 32.000 cut positions, automatic push out, Air Table control, manual adjustment knob for fine adjustments, label mode for creating programs automatically, work in English and Spanish, and the most important it is easy to use and install!

Backgauge Control System
  Motion Controllers
TRM's back gauge control is an affordable solution for 1, 2 or 3 axis of servo or stepper control. With 16 digital inputs and 16 digital outputs it allows to communicate and control external equipment.   The Small Machine Controller (SMC) is TRM's most recently developed motion control system. The SMC is completely flexible and programmable to operate most small machines and in many cases big machines as well. It can be used in motion control applications and temperature applications making it an affordable and simple solution as there is not need for an additional HMI or additional PLC. The SMC controller can operate 3 stepper axis or 2 servo motors or a combination but no more than 3 axis. A combination of screen sizes and keypads are available for OEM's. Prices start at 800 USD.

AC Servo Motors and AC Drives
  DC Servo Motors and AC Drives
Permanent Magnet Brushless Servo Motors at affordable prices. From 200W to up 15 kW. Used in CNC machines, pick and place machines, palletizing and in many other industries.   TRM has a standard servo motor offering and can offer a custom motor design service should you require a special motor for your application. The TRM servo motors are designed for optimum performance and durability in demanding variable-speed servo motor applications.

Incremental Encoders
  Advanced Digital Readouts
TRM distributes optical incremental encoders of 1000 up to 2500 RPM. Typical applications include positioning tables, CNC machines, robotics, assembly machines  motor mounted feedback, packaging machines,  and general motion control applications.   The new advanced digital readout from TRM is designed to complement your machine tool. It has special functions for milling machines and lathes. The DRO has graphic TFT screen which allows to display drawings of the functions available.

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