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Category: Dielectric Greases and Insulating Fluids
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About Us
Established for 30 years, Techsil has built its reputation on technical excellence and impeccable customer service to become one of industry's most trusted providers of products and services.

As a key distributor of industrial adhesives, sealants, tapes and dispensing equipment to manufacturing industries such as Automotive, Aerospace, Defence and Electronics Techsil helps engineers every day to optimise production processes, offer product advice and provide an unrivalled service to its valued customers.

Certified by ACS Registrars Ltd to ISO:9001 standards. Learn more...

Techsil has flourished due to its ethos of a consultative approach to sales. We want to understand our customers' problems and opportunities to be able to offer a product fit for purpose with a process that matches the client's needs. This requires a two way discussion, samples, trials and testing.

Customer satisfaction is foremost in our business philosophy. To this end we have developed a number of services for our customers. Learn more...

Delivering Technical Expertise with Exceptional Service
Every day we help engineers to optimise their production processes, give advice on products and all sorts of industrial engineered applications. Learn more...

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Casting Resins
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Epoxy Adhesives
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Specialty Tapes
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Masking Tapes
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Cloth Tapes
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Foam Tapes
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Foil Tapes
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Packaging Tapes
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Technical Articles

Advantages of Tapes over Mechanical Fasteners (Industrial Tapes) Traditionally mechanical fasteners were seen as the strongest and most reliable fixing method, however, double sided structural adhesive tapes can often exceed this strength, provide longer lasting... (View Full Article)
Case Study - Techsil's RTV10533 Silicone Adhesive for Difficult to Bond Rubbers (Industrial Adhesives) In this case study Techsil's RTV10533 silicone adhesive is used by two customers for several rubber bonding applications. The clear one-part adhesive provides very strong bonds over a wide temperature... (View Full Article)