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Category: Flow Meters
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Teledyne Monitor Labs is the leading supplier of environmental monitoring instrumentation for the detection, measurement, and reporting of air pollutants. They have over 30 years experience in providing state-of-the-art Continuous Emissions Monitoring products to a wide variety of industrial markets. Now with two offices located in Englewood, CO and Gibsonia PA, Teledyne Monitor Labs is able to provide improved and enhanced products and services to their customers.

As the leading manufacturer of air quality and process monitoring instrumentation, their product lines include Data Acquisition Systems, analyzers and systems for ambient air quality monitoring and for stack continuous emission monitoring systems (CEMS). CEMS are based on a choice of catalytic measurement techniques, in situ measurement techniques, conventional extractive, and dilution extractive. Their CEMS measure SO2, NOX, CO, CO2, O2, H20 and other gases which can be augmented with gas flow and opacity monitors. Two software packages are available with their PC based Data Acquisition System (DAS) to meet federal/state reporting requirements.

No other single supplier can provide such a complete range of source and ambient measurement solutions, technical and regulatory expertise, industry application experience and a variety of support services. Teledyne Monitor Labs’ products are used worldwide to meet source emission monitoring requirements.

Teledyne Monitor Labs, Inc. is committed to understanding and meeting the quality expectations of its customers. Continual improvement of their quality management system per the ISO 9000:2000 standard is assured by systematically:

  • Matching their quality system to their customers’ needs,
  • Developing and monitoring appropriate quality metrics and measures of customer satisfaction, and
  • Communicating to all employees their role in assuring customer satisfaction.

It is a condition of employment that personnel of Teledyne Monitor Labs will adhere to the letter and spirit of their quality assurance system.

Teledyne Monitor Labs, Inc. will be the market leader in providing the best total solutions and expert services to meet their customers’ environmental and process monitoring needs by becoming intimate with their customers and tailoring to those needs exactly and uniquely, such that their customers, employees and owners benefit from their success.


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