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Category: DRAM and SDRAM Memory Chips
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Teledyne e2v offers high-performance, high-reliability semiconductor solutions, which address the critical functions of the complete signal chain. With a range of products and package solutions, we cater to civil aerospace, industrial, medical, military, scientific and space applications.

Many of Teledyne e2v's products are developed through strategic partnerships with companies such as NXP, Everspin, Micron and others. In addition, Teledyne e2v provides a range of specially qualified versions of many standardized products. We also develop customized solutions to meet specific qualifications or environmental requirements.

Teledyne e2v designs and develops high-speed data converters, microprocessors, memory, analog and logic functions. We also offer a range of semiconductor services, including:

• High-reliability assembly and test
• Package design
• Semiconductor Lifecycle Management under our SLiM™ brand

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Advanced ATP Maximizes System Performance While Alleviating Production Bottlenecks (Microprocessors and Microcontrollers) Electronic systems are experiencing rapid changes in performance specifications and form factors, along with numerous supply chain bottlenecks. One system level design problem has been consistent... (View Full Article)
Concurrent AI Image Processing in Space using Klepsydra Software Running on 16-cores LX2160-Space Processor from Teledyne e2v. (Microprocessors and Microcontrollers) Performing on-board data processing in the spacecrafts typically requires large amount of computing capabilities to handle the large data rates that the edge computing applications require. These... (View Full Article)