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Texas Instruments serves the world’s most innovative electronics companies, helping them develop new ideas that change the way we live. By providing semiconductor technologies that promote greater power efficiency, enable more features, enhance performance and deliver more value, TI expands the possibilities every day for how we learn, connect, grow and discover.


With the broadest range of innovative analog chips on the market, TI helps 90,000 customers tackle design challenges so they can create and deliver high-quality electronic products to their own customers. We create innovative integrated circuits for industrial, automotive, energy, medical, safety and security applications, and for consumer products that improve the quality of life. For example, we create data converters that improve the accuracy of industrial test equipment, amplifiers that sharpen image and audio quality in surveillance cameras, interface chips that speed downloads of high-definition video files, and analog front ends that make smaller ultrasound equipment possible. Click here to learn more about our Analog business.

  • Power Management
  • Data Converters
  • Amplifiers
  • Audio
  • Clocks & Timing
  • Interface
  • Isolators
  • Logic
  • Sensor Products
  • Switches & Multiplexers

Embedded Processing

Embedded Processing products are the "brains" of many electronic devices. Unlike general purpose processors, embedded processors are designed to handle specific tasks and can be optimized for various combinations of performance, power and cost, depending on their application. TI’s Embedded Processing products are used in many end markets, particularly industrial and automotive, and in equipment as diverse as electric toothbrushes and complex wireless base stations.

TI’s portfolio of embedded processing solutions, software and development tools, and responsive design support help our customers create differentiated embedded solutions.  Products span, microcontrollers (MCUs), ARM®-based processors, digital signal processors (DSPs) and multicore ARM + DSP solutions, delivering broad range of performance, power, peripheral options to address today’s fastest-growing markets. Click here to learn more about our Embedded Processing business.

  • Low Power MCUs
  • Performance MCUs
  • Safety MCUs
  • Sitara Processors
  • Keystone Multicore Processors

Wireless Connectivity

TI has shipped millions of wireless connectivity devices over the last 15 years. Through this legacy, TI offers wireless connectivity solutions for any application across all the major standards and technologies. Including wireless microcontrollers (MCUs), TI wireless connectivity chips help you easily connect more. Whether you are designing for industrial, automotive or the Internet of Things TI has a low power solution for you. Click here to learn more about our Wireless Connectivity Business

  • SimpleLink™ Solutions: broad device offering for all technologies and system partitioning
  • WiLink™ Solutions: High-performance Wi-Fi + Bluetooth® / Bluetooth low energy combo


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