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Thermal Circuits, Inc. is a manufacturer of surface heaters, air heaters, molded heaters, heater assemblies, and infrared panel emitters. We service a wide variety of markets and geographic areas and, through continuous quality improvement, strive to maintain world-class leadership in all aspects of our business.

Founded in 1955, by Francis Brown in Salem, 20 miles north of Boston, Massachusetts, the company first manufactured graphite lubricant and nichrome wire sheets for hot trays, casseroles and carafes for the food service industry. By the mid-1960s, Thermal Circuits initiated development of etched foil element technology and pioneered the use of polyimide film as an electrical insulation for etched foil element gyro and camera heaters used in the military and aerospace industries.

“Firsts” from Thermal Circuits continue to this day. We design, prototype, and produce heaters and assemblies for the initial etched foil heated food service industry’s holding bins and toasters, medical market’s infant incubators and immunohistochemistry diagnostic instruments, automotive industry’s side-view mirrors and seats, aeronautical market’s angle-of-attack pilot indicators, and military market’s anti-ice / de-ice radomes, feed horns, and reflector antennae systems.

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This growth prompted the construction of a custom, 32,000 S.F. building in 1995. As the anchor company in a developing industrial park, we expanded our building to 52,000 S.F. in 2001. The facility is state-of-the-art and Thermal Circuits is recognized as the premiere etched foil heater manufacturer in the world.

As a privately owned company, Thermal Circuits, Inc. continues to reinvest in its engineering and manufacturing capabilities. In 2010, we increased capacity in our cutting edge high-temperature lamination facilities.

Thermal Circuits' Quality Management System is compliant and registered to ISO13485:2003 and ISO9001:2008.

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