From lab bench to large manufacturing processes, Thermo Scientific™ temperature control products provide scalable solutions for the precise temperatures you need. Optimize your cooling and heating applications with outstanding performance and innovative technology. Choose from a comprehensive portfolio, including refrigerated and heated bath circulators, lab water baths, chillers and heat exchangers. With over 50 years of service, you will find consulting expertise and global support to help meet your most demanding requirements.

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Does a larger fluid reservoir give me more cooling capacity and improved temperature stability? (Heating and Cooling Equipment) Size does not matter. If an application requires 3 gallons per minute delivered at 20°C, there is no difference in stability whether the source of the water holds 3 gallons or 300 gallons. (View Full Article)
I want to use a bath circulator to immerse my vessels. How do I select the right size bath for my application? (Heating and Cooling Equipment) Size does matter when choosing a bath circulator for your vessels. Be sure to size the bath based on the size of the vessel and the space needed for circulation. Utilizing the available accessories... (View Full Article)