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Category: HVAC Chillers
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Thermocold Costruzioni Srl

Dealers needed in US and Canada.  If you are interested in representing us, please email export@thermocold.it

Innovative system and solution for heating and air-conditioning designed for residential, commercial, industrial sectors and for special customized application such as navy, explosion and fire proof environment (ATEX) and railway and metro transport sectors.

We want to be a benchmark for creativity, innovation and technology, through the research of the excellence and the supply of the best products to become leaders in the top range.


HEATING SYSTEM is a line of high energy efficiency multifunctional systems designed to meet the standards of heating, cooling and hot sanitary water production for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

DUO: Cascade cycle heat pump for hot water production up to 80°C and operation down to -40°C, available in different configurations such as multifunctional, heating and dhw, heating only, all packaged and split versions.

ECO2: high efficiency CO2 water heater for water production up to 90°C and down to -20°C with COP over up to 5.

Thermocold Costruzioni Srl

MULTITUBE SYSTEM is a line of high efficiency multifunctional units especially designed to meet the needs of associated systems with 4 or 6 pipes.

The multifunctional unit Quattro is able to satisfy the simultaneous needs of hot and cold water for air conditioning during the whole year.

Thermocold Costruzioni SrlThe multifunctional unit Sei offers a third section, made up of a desuperheater, which produces also hot water for sanitary circuits, during summer operation in cooling mode and during cooling + recovery operation.

Thanks to extreme flexibility and wide operating range, the Multitube System units are suitable for double exposition buildings, offices, banks, hotel, hospital and wellness centres.

Residential and Light Commercial Line has products up to 40Kw for residential and light commercial installations.

Heavy Commercial and Industrial Line has products up to 40Kw for heavy commercial and industrial installations.

Hydronic System: air-source and water source chiller and heat pump from 5 to over 1000 Kw, available with axial and centrifugal fans, plate or shell&tube heat exchanger, scroll or screw compressors in different configurations.

Direct Expansion System: packaged and split air conditioners in chiller or reversible heat pumps configuration from 5 to over 1000 Kw.

The ATEX LINE is a complete line of products for cooling, air conditioning and ventilating all types of civil or industrial areas with explosion risk.

It consists of a wide range of custom made products and systems according to the plant requirements for each customer with a capacity range from 5 kw to 1,500 kw or more.

The MARINE LINE is dedicated to marine applications for civilian and military vessels air-conditioning. Thermocold meets all system requirements with custom made products, designed and built according to the specific needs of each client.

The TECHRAIL division by Thermocold deals with the design and manufacturing of air conditioning systems suitable for different solutions in the railway and metro transport sector.

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