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Category: Network Servers
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Thinklogical is the worldwide leading designer and manufacturer of secure, high performance signal extension and switching systems, allowing Video-Rich Big Data to be accessed, transported, distributed, displayed and analyzed at the highest quality with no latency. Our comprehensive product portfolio spans a wide range of trusted solutions from KVM (keyboard, video and mouse), audio and USB signal matrix switching and extension systems, to image processing and conversion products, to secure console server management and camera extension products. The key characteristics of Thinklogical solutions are designed around four customer-driven requirements: Performance, Security, Continuous Operation and Ease of Integration.

Thinklogical’s video and KVM extender line of products utilize our sophisticated, patented, fiber-optic-based MRTS technology to deliver unsurpassed performance and pristine video quality, with desktop peripherals and network signal extension over distances up to 40 km (24 miles). Coupled with our industry leading, high bandwidth (6.25 Gbps) routing and matrix switch solutions, it provides for complete and secure end-to-end distribution of all video and peripheral signals over fiber-optic cable. Thinklogical’s VX family of routers are the only KVM routing and matrix switch solutions on the market that has Common Criteria EAL4 accreditation, complies with NATO NIAPC Directive for Information Assurance GREEN standards, and meets TEMPEST requirements. Thinklogical products are proudly designed and manufactured in the USA. 

Thinklogical's solutions connect, transport and extend high bandwidth information within the most sophisticated government installations, broadcast facilities, commercial businesses and other complex visual computing environments. These organizations trust Thinklogical to maintain the integrity and security of their content, no matter where its destination or application.

Thinklogical is headquartered in Milford, Conn., USA, with offices and representatives worldwide. The company is privately held by Riverside Partners LLC, Boston, Mass. (http://www.riversidepartners.com). 

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